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TCS is a full services and support company that acts like your company's own IT department. We are "soup to nuts" in that we can deliver everything from assistance with computer issues, like virus and malware removal, to providing an entire solution to maintain 99% uptime for your company.

Desktop & Laptop Support

Whether you need to buy new equipment or need help with an existing computer, TCS can help. We have extensive experience with selecting the right equipment to meet individual clients needs. We can also help with repairs on existing equipment that still has useful life. We will provide a no-cost assessment on your computers and will advise you if the resource can be fixed or repurposed. We know 1 size does NOT fit all and will take into consideration each clients environment and needs. 

Virus & Malware Protection

Computers are exposed to the risk of Viruses and Malware. This risk can be minimized by using software to protect your computer. However, hackers are introducing new threats everyday and, therefore, computers get infected. At TCS we have experience both protecting and, when necessary, cleaning your computer resources. We use a variety of tools to combat viruses and malware which enables us to get to the root of issues and not overlook deeply imbedded threats.

Server Installation & Maintenance

A companies' servers are called that for a reason. They serve up your applications and data that run your business. Your business may only have one server or there may be several. If you are growing your business, as most are, you will need an IT environment that is scalable. That is it is capable of growth as your business grows. As you add more users and data you will need more storage space and more redundancy so that if you have an equipment failure you have a failsafe. TCS can design and implement the solution that best serves your needs and then maintain it for you.

Cloud Services: Email, Backups, and Applications

Cloud services provide the benefits of a robust IT infrastructure without having to manage the associated Hardware and Software. TCS can provide a number of Cloud Services including email, off-site Backups, and Spam Filtering. This ensures that if a disaster occurs your business can be up and running with a minimum of downtown. It also provides support for your employees that work remotely or are out in the field.

Cabling & Infrastructure

Computers and servers by themselves provide limited utility. They require an infrastructure to support them in the form of cabling and electricity. TCS has the capability to provide all the cabling and electric infrastructure required for your business.

7/24 Emergency Support

In this global economy your business can run 7/24 365 days a year. TCS understands that IT issues don't only happen during business hours and downtime can cost your business dearly. We offer 7/24 emergency support for your business

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