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Secure IT Solutions

for Peace of Mind

Your business  is your livelihood and you rely on your IT infrastructure to fully support you.  Professional Managed Services, Inc. can ensure that your IT environment is reliable, stable, and dependable. We use an integrated set of tools to monitor your environment and alert us when there are issues.

Cloud Computing

Computing in the "Cloud" provides the benefits of a robust IT infrastructure without having to manage the associated Hardware and Software. ProMSP can provide a number of Cloud Services including Email, Off-site Backups, and Spam Filtering.


Your computer and data security is paramount to compete in today's economy. Security can consist of a variety of elements including Firewalls, Virus Protection, Data Encryption, and more. ProMSP has a complete suite of tools to address all of your security needs.


Today's world is Mobile. From cell phones to tablets to laptops, people are now connected to technology wherever they may be. ProMSP understands this because we not only provide mobility but our technicians use it to provide service and support.

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

2. Desktop Installation & Maintenance

1. Managed IT Solutions

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

Our clients have a wide variety of IT needs and budgets. ProMSP can find a solution tailored specifically to these individual needs.

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